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Candice Matthew

Intuitive Reading with Candice

Intuitive Reading with Candice

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Hey there lovely soul!

Ready to dive into a 45-minute Intuitive Reading with me? For just £59.00, we're about to unravel the mysteries of your unique journey. 

During this session, I'll tap into my intuition and help you unlock the bigger plan the universe has for you. We'll chat about breaking those sneaky limiting beliefs and steering your life toward the kind of fulfillment that makes you do a happy dance. 

Here's the lowdown: 

  • 45-Minute Intuitive Reading: We'll have a heart-to-heart, exploring your story, and I'll sprinkle in some insights and guidance to light up your path.
  • Recording of the Session: Forget about taking notes – I got you covered! You'll get a recording of our chat, so you can kick back, relax, and soak in all the wisdom shared.

Ready to laugh a bit, get real about life, and maybe shed a tear or two on this wild ride of self-discovery? Let's break some chains, glow up, and manifest the extraordinary together. 

Book your session now, and let's uncover the magic that's been waiting for you!

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