About Candice Matthew

A Huge and Glowing Welcome to CM!

Hey there! I'm Candice, the heart and soul behind the brand. I specialise in offering transformative courses and a curated selection of luxury and holistic products. Grab a virtual seat, and let me spill the tea on my journey. From my earliest memories, I've felt like a bit of an outsider, navigating the complexities of life with a feeling that I don't quite fit in. As a result, I became an avid observer of human behaviour, always on the sidelines, afraid to voice my thoughts or opinions for fear of judgement. Behind the seemingly big smile on my face, I harboured deep insecurities and self-consciousness that nobody could see.

Yet, amidst these internal struggles, a fierce determination burned within me. Despite feeling like I didn't quite belong, I was driven to move forward and become the best version of myself. Life threw challenges my way, and I learned to turn each tough experience into an opportunity for growth and positivity.

In the year of 2012, I stumbled upon the mystical wonders of the Law of Attraction and spirituality. It was like finding a cheat code to life – suddenly, I was hyper-aware of the vibes I was throwing out into the universe. Spoiler alert: it was mostly good vibes and the occasional karaoke session in my living room.

Now, let's talk about the punchline: I've discovered the secret sauce. You ready? It's absolutely crucial to work on yourself if you want a business that doesn't just survive but thrives. This philosophy is at the core of my coaching. Your personal growth is intricately connected to the success of your business.

Oh, and here's the kicker: my humour is the heartbeat of my services. I'll take you from fits of laughter into deep and connected conversations because who said personal growth can't be entertaining?

And by the way, did I mention I specialise in luxury and holistic products? That's right! Elevate your self-discovery journey with the finest and most holistic offerings designed to enhance your well-being, along with transformative courses to guide you on your path.

My mission extends to helping these incredible women align with their soul's purpose, guiding them to create businesses and lives they absolutely love. This is more than a business for me; it's a calling, a journey, and a commitment to spreading love, positivity, and empowerment.

Join me as we navigate the path to self-discovery, growth, and the creation of a life that resonates with the very core of our beings. Together, let's break chains, glow up, and manifest the extraordinary.

With love, light, and laughter, Candice xoxo