Happy Glow Up!!

I really hope you enjoy my Glow Up Starter Toolkit. My unique tasks are going to get you started on a journey to finding your inner glow and true fulfilment. I would absolutely LOVE to hear how you get on.



This is all about allowing yourself to flow and be in your completeness. Feminine energy is freeing and it’s time now to set yourself free.

Task OneExplore the main things that are stopping you from being and feeling free right here, right now.


This is all about balance and eliminating chaos from your life. Feminine energy is easy, it just happens, flows and feels so, so good.

Task TwoPinpoint the main things/people/experiences that are currently disrupting your flow. 


This is all about taking those actions and making moves. Feminine energy finds confidence in the decisions that are being made and they are generally made without delay.

Task ThreeMake a list of all the things it’s time for you to do. You may think of these ‘things’ at any time and a thought, vision or light-bulb moment may just pop into your mind. The list doesn’t stop. The more actions you take the more momentum picks up. Consequently, speeding up your manifestations.


This is all about exercising your knowing in connection to what it is you are asking for. It’s about moving from out of your head and into your heart.

Task FourVisualise or draw your biggest desire. Intuitively feel into what you are asking for, to understand any conflicts you hold around it. You can also acknowledge positive influences that are held around it also for balance.

non negotiable

This is all about understanding what you really want and acknowledging if you are ‘waiting’ due to old habits and fear or there’s a need to be patient on your journey with what it is that you want.

Task FiveMake a list of everything you desire and be guided to, if you are ‘waiting’ or, if it’s patience that is needed.  


This is all about receiving accurate and deep understanding about yourself, your cells and/or someone else. Deeper understanding around what’s really going on.

Task SixAllow yourself to flow to key insight around yourself, your cells or someone else in connection to what it is you are asking for.


Welcome in the new beginnings. In order for this to occur somethings need to end and energy may need to disappear. You don’t need to do anything with this just allow Newness to take place even when, or, if it gets a little uncomfortable, just allow.

Task SevenNothing to do here, just Allow the Change. 

Everything You Want

As a result of all of the above, you get what you want and GLOW UP!!

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